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Sprite – Things as they are

This hotsite told people about the truth in Internet.

Coca Cola Zero – Grip

This hotsite allowed users to design their own bottle.

Quilmes – Quilmes.com.ar*

Contents proposal for the Quilmes website´s redesign.

Telecom - Our athletes

Photo and audio production to promote the Argentine...

Stella Artois – The ritual*

We invited users in Facebook to complete a quiz related to the Stella Artois ..

Arnet – Christmas unites

This hotsite allowed users to greet their friends through a personalized ...

Arnet – Love Squad

A soap opera actors´ squad allowed users to greet their lovers on St Valentine´s Day.

Arnet – Christmas unites

A hotsite that united photos, stories and videos...

Knorr – Back to home

The first social network created specifically for families.

Knorr Cica - The gnocchies

A gnocchi troop had an only aim: reach the sauce.

Dove - dove.com.ar

Copies and contents for the Dove product´s site.

Dove – Dyed or lightened?

This hotsite allowed users to discover whether they had dyed...

Dove – A moving life

To communicate the product line “moving hair”, we invited users ...

Amex – Bumper cars

For the launch of AmexShop (an e-commerce website), we created a game ...

Huggies – huggies.com.ar

Copies and contents for the Huggies LatAm product´s site.

Sedal – Sedal S.O.S.

A 100% playful site where users could play with their hair and discover their ...

Sedal – sedal.com.ar

Copies and contents for the Sedal product´s website.

Sedal – Angel and devil*

Playful proposal for the launch of combing creams for straight, wavy...

Aziatop – Declare peace

This game allowed users to fight their frequent heartburn.
*Ideas presented as a proposal.