In the beginning of my career as Bachelor in Advertising I spent a short time in the world of audiovisual production, where I immediately found out that that was not what I was looking for.

After a while I had the chance to fully get into the digital, interactive, technological world. There, I understood that words were more than images and I also understood that I had become a creative copywriter in the universe of the “click here” and “share with a friend”.

My career as a copywriter started in 2004 when I began to work in the interactive department of Ogilvy: OgilvyInteractive. I worked there as a copywriter and as a content developer for the digital world during 3 years. I also was part of a multidisciplinary team between OgilvyOne and OgilvyInteractive where I worked for ATL and BTL American Express´ campaigns.

After Ogilvy I arrived at Publiquest, where I worked for two years and a half as a creative copywriter. There I also assisted the creative direction and worked in the production team`s coordination.

At the moment I work free-lance for the British agencies TAG Worldwide and World Writers. There, I take care of achieving that the global speech of brands such as Dove, Intel and Reebok works in the Argentine market, doing the translation but also adapting the message to the country´s proper codes, idioms and expressions. I also do the voice over talent direction for the Argentine market, where I must take care of the tone and the correct use of the Spanish language for the local market.

Besides, I do the copywriting for graphic pieces, scripts for TV and radio, websites´ contents, creative concept creation and communication strategies that end up in 360º campaigns.